New Jersey Montessori Association
Corporation By-Laws


I. Organization

a. The name of the organization will be New Jersey Montessori Association Corporation. 

b. The organization will be governed by a board of directors representing the New Jersey Montessori Community and elected by the general membership. The board is comprised of the following positions: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and member at large. 

c. The organization will be open to all Montessori school administrators in the state of New Jersey who subscribe to the organization. 

d. The organization will be open to Montessori school administrators of out-of-state schools. Out- of-state schools will receive the benefits of membership but are not eligible to vote or serve on the board of directors. 

II. Purpose

This organization has been formed for the following purposes:

a. To provide Montessori administrators with support to strengthen and enhance the growth and development of Montessori schools in New Jersey. 

b. To increase understanding and awareness of Montessori programs. within the state. 

c. To support members by actively responding to the common needs of these programs as they arise. 

d. To serve as a resource for disseminating information and support services within New Jersey. 

e. To cooperate with other organizations sharing similar interests and concerns in education.

III. Membership

a. The organization will be open to all Montessori administrators completing the required application form and paying annual dues. 

b. The membership year will begin on September 1st and end on August 31st of each year. Memberships established after December 1st are not eligible for the member registration discount for the NJMAC Conference.

c. All in-state member schools of the organization are entitled to one vote.

IV. General Membership Meetings

a. The organization will hold three general meetings each year for members. The meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. 

b. The organization will also sponsor a teachers’ workshop each year open to the public. 

c. Member schools may be requested to host a workshop or meeting at some time during their membership year. 

V. Administrative Committee

a. The board of directors will be responsible for guiding the growth of this organization. 

b. The board will consist of five elected members, of which four will be appointed officers. 

c. Elections will be held electronically before the last meeting of each year for the following year. New officers will be acknowledged at the last meeting of the year. 

d. Each member of the board will serve for a period of two years beginning July 1st of the year elected. 

e. Election for secretary and treasurer will be held the spring of odd numbered years. Election of Vice President and Member at Large will be held the spring of even numbered years. This will insure the continuity of the governance of the board. Persons elected into the role of Vice President agree to accept a four-year term: two years as Vice President with the following two years as President. 

f. Only one administrator from a member school can serve on the board of directors at one time. 

g. All members of the board of directors are entitled to one vote. 

h. By-laws may be amended by a vote of the membership.

VI. Officers

The board of directors consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member at large. These positions will be held for two years. 

a. President - The role of the president will be to chair meetings and workshops; appoint all special committees with the consent of the Administrative Committee; plan and co-ordinate the three administrators’ meetings during the school year; file all necessary forms and records; be in charge of correspondence pertaining to the organization with respect to notices of administration meetings; be one of the officers with the authority to sign checks; be responsible for seeing that all necessary books, records and forms be kept current and properly filed.

b. Vice President – The role of the vice president will be to coordinate the annual teachers’ workshop. The president, secretary, treasurer and member at large will assist in appointing a Steering Committee and will also serve on that Committee. The Steering Committee shall consist of persons within member schools who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts to the coordination of the teachers’ workshop. 

c. Secretary – The role of the secretary will be to keep accurate and complete minutes of all meetings and workshops; be responsible for maintaining the written record of the organization from its inception to present. The teachers’ workshop brochures and registration will be handled by the Steering Committee. All information gathered or sent out by the organization to its members shall be entrusted to the secretary’s care. The secretary will assist the vice president in appointing a Steering Committee and will also serve on that Committee. 

d. Treasurer – The role of the treasurer will be to supervise all the financial aspects of the organization; have the authority to sign checks; keep accurate and complete records of all the financial transactions of the organization; be responsible for providing all members with periodic reports regarding the financial status of the organization, assist the Vice President in appointing a Steering Committee and will also serve on that Committee. 

e. In the event that one or more of the officers is unable to be present at a meeting or workshop, it is the responsibility of the board to select one of its members present at the meeting to serve temporarily. 

By-laws amended by a motion made and carried at the October 1999 meeting, 
Article I(a)(c); III(b)(c); IV(a); V(b)(e)(g)(h); VI((a)(b)(c). 

By-laws amended by a motion made and carried at the NJMAC meeting in 2009, 
Article I(a); III (a). 

By-laws amended by a motion made and carried at the NJMAC meeting October, 2012: 
Articles I(b)(c)(d); II(b); III(b); IV(a); V(e); VI (a)(c).

By-laws amended by a motion made and carried at the NJMAC meeting October, 2013: 
Article V(c) 

October 30, 2013
Ann Wilson, President