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Administrator Meeting at The Westmont Montessori School

Refreshments (1:00 p.m.) - Hosted by Melanie Thiesse and Colette Cross

Meeting Speaker: PETER PICHÉ, M.Ed
"The New AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement"
The AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement is a school-quality initiative available to every AMS member school at no additional cost. It consists of a manageable series of 10 steps that helps schools demonstrate and articulate their commitment to quality Montessori education. It is a framework based on the Montessori Essentials work, a partnership between AMS and AMI-USA, beginning with 5 Core Components of Montessori Education with further steps along the Pathway based on incremental movement through AMS accreditation standards.

 PETER PICHÉ serves as a consultant to schools participating in the AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement and is a professional leadership coach to school leaders. He is Montessori-credentialed in Primary and Elementary I–II and has experience teaching in Middle School.  Peter founded the Adolescent Community at Montessori Community School in Durham, NC.

The Westmont Montessori School
577 Route 24
Mendham, NJ 08807
(908) 879-6355

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